Anti-Slavery Day 2021 – Local ‘Lincs’

Since 2010, and the passing of the UK’s Anti-Slavery Day Act, the 18th October has become an annual day of awareness-raising, and of reflection, on the continued plight of the millions of people who remain enslaved around the world today. Globally, it is estimated that there are around 40 million … More Anti-Slavery Day 2021 – Local ‘Lincs’

Francis Barber’s Lincolnshire connections

Francis Barber, born c. 1742, is best known as one of the servants in Samuel Johnson’s London household. He has appeared in the many biographies of Johnson and has himself been the subject of at least two.  Aleyn Lyell Reade’s was published in 1912.[1]  It claimed to be an exhaustive … More Francis Barber’s Lincolnshire connections

Black Disabled activists/ Black Activism for disability: Johnnie Lacy

To mark Black History Month 2021, we will be posting several guest posts on unheard or little-known stories. Some are from Lincolnshire, others from the wider world may be better-known elsewhere, but we should know them better here, and find inspiration in them. This blog was written by Olivia Hennessy, … More Black Disabled activists/ Black Activism for disability: Johnnie Lacy

Lincolnshire popular music 1961-2021: a history in 30 tracks

1 October is Lincolnshire Day. As with so many other invented traditions, it is a recent addition to the commemorative calendar (first celebrated in 2006) but has deep historical roots. It recalls the Lincolnshire Rising, which began in early October 1536. A county movement in the geographically wider Pilgrimage of … More Lincolnshire popular music 1961-2021: a history in 30 tracks

Unheard Voices from Reimagining Lincolnshire

Our project recently participated in Heritage Open Days, a celebration of cultural heritage that takes place across many regions of the world in September.  Lincolnshire’s theme this year was ‘Voices of Lincolnshire – Stories Unheard’. For our contribution, several members of Reimagining Lincolnshire presented an online discussion about some of … More Unheard Voices from Reimagining Lincolnshire

Introducing Reimagining Lincolnshire

Reimagining Lincolnshire is a public history project that was initiated at the University of Lincoln in late 2020. Co-investigators include heritage professionals, teachers and researchers from a wide range of organisations in the region. The project has the support of the University’s Vice Chancellor and Board of Governors, and is … More Introducing Reimagining Lincolnshire